Spotlight on Colorado Ballot Measures Affecting TABOR and Your Money.

Special and exclusive content covering 2024 local and statewide ballot issues referred to the ballot by elected officials. Plus – citizen petition initiatives to reduce or increase taxes.

Don’t miss out on coverage of the Colorado Commission on Property Tax as 2024 tax bills come due. The 19-member task force must create recommendations by March 15, 2024.

Political operatives pocketing hundreds of thousands in public funds to hike taxes and eliminate the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

Jefferson County Political operative rewarded with lucrative $340,000 contract paid by taxpayers.
Arapahoe County – Secret county commissioners’ meetings to plot wiping out the Colorado Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights?
R1 School District shuts down +20 schools due to declining enrollment but wants a tax hike?

Colorado Citizens Initiatives

Details on citizen petition initiatives at the state and local level.

Colorado Engaged